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Welcome and thank you for visiting. We hope you can come and be with us as we give praise and honor to the Father above and His Son. Our times and services are listed and we have Bible classes for all ages.

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Gospel Meetings 2014

Bubba Garner

Youth Weekend with Bubba Garner

September 19-21

"How Shall the Young _____"

Friday, September 19th @ 7:30 - "... Remember Their Creator?"

Saturday, September 20th @ 10:00 - "...Walk by Faith?"

Saturday, September 20th @ 2:00 - " ... Be a Friend?"

Sunday, September 21st @ 9:30 - "... Honor Your Father and Mother?"

Sunday, September 21st @ 10:30 - "... Flee Immorality?"

Sunday, September 21st @ 5:00 - "... Redeem the Time?"

Everyone is welcome to come.  The target audience is YOU, with an emphasis on younger people ages 10-25.


November 2-5 ...John Lasater from Prescott, Arizona

If you would like a preview of some of John's lessons you can visit the sermon page from the Prescott Church of Christ here:


Lessons For Sunday

September 14th, 2014

AM - The Meaning of Baptism

PM - The Greatest Among You

Sunday September 14 2014

Old Testament: Prov 17-18 Prov 17-18

(Daily Reading, ESV)